An Artist's view of  Jewish Life in Late 19th Century Eastern Europe

Samuel Rothbort's Historical Oil & Watercolor Paintings

A fascinating aspect of Samuel Rothbort's work is the magnetic interaction between his paintings and his hand carved frames. The following framed paintings are from the book, Samuel Rothbort - Published by the Chassidic Art Institute, 1996.

As a lifetime artist and also known as a true colorist, I paint nature as my eyes see her. I try not to fictionize or distort her. I applied this same principle to my "Memories".


As an orphan-child singer, I traveled with cantors to small "shtelach" and larger cities. As a Yeshiva-Bucha, I experienced sleeping on benches and eating at different tables, rich and poor, every day.


There are many written yiddishe documentaries of that period with black and white stalemate photographs. In my  hundreds of painted memories, I tried to unfold a little of the color and impressionistic light and movement.


The intimate and humble corners where photography will never reach are many. Perhaps in time, with a more understanding generation, my vast "Memories" will be seen.


Samuel Rothbort