Self Portrait, Samuel Rothbort - 1961
Self Portrait, Samuel Rothbort - 1961

There isn't such a thing as a great master or a great poet or a great actor or a great musician. Folk art is great and poor art is better than no art at all. Paint, carve, draw. Pencils are cheap. Wood and stone are plentiful on every step. Colors ? Forget about permanency, as the last word is up to nature, and we should have confidence in nature. In a way our"life is too short." We have to go back to the bible. "Death will be abolished forever," and in a broader sense, it is abolished already. Let's throw off the fear and do our art.

Samuel Rothbort - December, 1969


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Self  Portrait,  Lawrence Rothbort - Pen & Ink

The fascination of my life is swirling to a climax. Will it be a tragedy ?


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